The advantages of fibreglass roofing

June 10, 2015 2:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many people ask why they should choose fibreglass over felt, rubber or other membrane roofing for their flat roof. The two main reasons are the longevity of the product and the watertight finish. At Proplas we offer a 25 year transferable guarantee though it will probably last a lot longer as fibreglass is very tough and won’t deteriorate at the rate of felt or rubber. As for waterproofing, fibreglass is the same product used to make boats and therefore once the strong fibreglass layer is laid, a durable topcoat is rolled over the top creating a fully sealed surface. Installed correctly, water cannot penetrate through any seams. Fibreglass can also be moulded to any area, around roof lights and other obstacles. At Proplas, we also offer any bespoke colour roof that you desire. Many reasons to choose fibreglass.

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