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GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or fibreglass is an excellent choice for roof balconies, roof decks and any roof surface which is going to be walked upon. This is due to its durability, strength and rigidity which means that, correctly and professionally installed, it will not bend or crack under foot and will last for many, many years.


Is fibreglass a good surface for balconies?

Yes. Similar to a boat hull, fibreglass offers a seamless and waterproof flat surface.  On its own, a fibreglass roof looks aesthetically pleasing and can be finished in any colour topcoat the client desires. As well, a non-slip grip can be added to the final top-coat to make it safe and practical for walking on.


Fibreglass as a base for wooden decking or tiles

Fibreglass looks good on its own but some clients prefer tiles to be laid or a wooden deck to be built on top of the fibreglass base.  We sometimes recommend that if the balcony or deck is to have heavy use then it may be advisable to build wooden decking onto the fibreglass base for extra durability. Your fibreglass balcony will not buckle but, over time, the surface may become scuffed and dented with extreme foot fall.

Tiling or decking over a fibreglass roof is perfectly possible. Phil at Proplas is happy to advise you on the best finish and solution for your balcony or roof deck. Contact Phil here.


Scott Bader Crystic Roof Premier Fibreglass roof system

In our experience, Scott Bader products offer an extremely durable solution and high standard of finish.  For a roof balcony, we would suggest that we use the Scott Bader Cyrstic Roof Premier fibreglass roof system in order to provide maximum strength and a top quality finish.  Phil is a trained and certified installer for the Scott Bader system.

Scott    Crystic


Quality flat roof solution

1-35yearguarantee_edit (4)At Proplas, whether you go for the Scott Bader Premium system or one of our standard fibreglass roofing systems, you can be certain of top quality.

We always use a thicker mat than is industry standard and have the expertise to provide a top quality roof at all price points for our clients. All GRP fibreglass roofs built by Proplas have our 25 year transferable guarantee, though we are confident your new roof will last for much longer.

You can read more information about GRP fibreglass roofing or to see some examples of our work
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If you have any other questions about fibreglass roofing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Phil for a friendly chat.