Colour is added to GRP roofs in the top layer. It’s pre-pigmented, which means that you do not need to paint or re-colour the roof for as long as it lasts. Every one of our GRP roofs comes with a 25 year guarantee, and that includes the colour. It will not fade in sunlight or discolour due to the rain.

Most GRP roofs are grey, but we can create almost any shade you want. Bespoke colouring options are popular for balconies and stairs, which are generally the most visible. Whether you want a pastel blue balcony, green garage, or scarlet stairway, we can colour-match and install it for you.

Here is a range of colours we can replicate. Please note that these are indicative and the colour itself will vary according to your monitor settings.

GRP Roof Colours

When the roof is wet, it typically looks darker than the final colour and will have a sheen to it – similar to wet paint. Once it is dry, it will have a matte finish and show its true colour, which is the colour that will remain for the lifetime of the roof.

We typically recommend a darker colour, since light colours can create glare in bright sunlight. Paler colours will also show dirt such as tree sap – fibreglass can easily be wiped clean, but if you do not want to get onto your roof to do so, a darker colour is a better choice.

Standard colours are dark grey, racing green, and dark umber. These colours compliment most buildings and look great with minimal cleaning.

You can even have multiple colours on a roof – perfect if you have a walkway or would like to add a detail to exterior stairs.

If you have a specific colour in mind for your new roof or balcony, let us know.