The price of a GRP roof depends on a large number of factors, including the size of the roof, whether it is a new build or replacement for existing materials, the required finish, and accessibility of the roof. A large roof that requires scaffolding to access will cost considerably more than a smaller roof with adjacent stairs to name a few.

When getting a quote for your GRP roof, it’s important that the contractor has a good understanding of the site and existing roof materials.

Price for a New Flat Roof

If you have just had a house extension or garage built, the space is brand new and work doesn’t involve removing the existing roofing material. At Proplas, we always include the decking in our quotes unless you specify that your building contractor is fitting the boards. – if you are shopping around for your GRP roofing, always make sure you ask about all 3 elements of a GRP roof since some companies only include the upper 2 layers in their quotes.

Unfortunately there is no general rule or square metreage cost as every job is different. It is always better to discuss your needs and expectations before agreeing on a cost. It is often the case that we can make recommendations to improve or save you money.

Price for a GRP Garage Roof

Since garage roofs are a fairly standard size, it’s much easier to provide a rough price for a new GRP roof without seeing the site. Again, it is better to contact us with as much detail as possible in order for us to give you a completely tailored quotes specifically for your individual needs.

We will need to know the address, roof height and accessibility, edge details, (i.e. is it free standing or against the property), details of any roof lights or pipework in the roof. This level of detail will provide the most accurate quote, often without having to visit the site, although we are happy to do so should it be necessary .

Flat Roof Replacement Costs

Unfortunately the pricing structure for flat roof replacement is a little more complicated – in addition to size, shape, and accessibility, we need to consider the existing roof materials, if it is necessary to strip the material, how quickly they can be removed, and if the underlying boards are in good condition.

If there has been a roof leak, the boards and several materials under the roof will need to be replaced as well to remove moisture. However, in some cases we can overlay your new roof, (new boards will still be required) to save time and money.

Get in touch for a free quote for your new GRP roof – our quotes include all 3 layers and additional work based on your description, with no hidden charges.