GRP roofing is perfect for commercial buildings – it is incredibly low maintenance, lasts for at least two decades, and comes in a wide array of colours so you can even match your roof to your logo or brand colours.

Proplas Fibreglass Roofing has installed GRP roofing at commercial premises throughout the UK. We cover the entire country – if you require a new fibreglass roof for your premises or just a repair for your existing roof, please just get in touch.

A fibreglass roof has no seams or joins, which means that there are fewer weaknesses that could develop into leaks. The material doesn’t corrode or degrade in the sunlight, so you know that your roof will last without requiring additional budget for maintenance or repairs.

School Roofing

Fibreglass roofs are a favourite for temporary school buildings or flat roofed school gyms and swimming pools. The reliability of the material means that schools can accurately decide on their building maintenance budgets knowing that they will not need to make unexpected payments to repair a seal or fix a leak in their building.

A fibreglass roof can be installed at any time of year, but summer holiday installations are best to ensure that the roof cures quickly. If completed during term time, roof installation will not disrupt use of the building itself or require more than a day to complete in most cases.

Factory Roofing

Fibreglass roofing is perfect for factories, where any other roofing material would leave a lot of seams over the large surface area, creating dozens of potential leak sites. Fibreglass is also excellent for moulding around obstacles such as skylights often found on factory roofs.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote for your commercial roof. You will benefit from over 30 years’ experience with GRP roofing installation, as well as a 25 year guarantee for your peace of mind.