A fibreglass roof expertly installed correctly should not fail. This is why at Proplas we have never had a problem and we offer a 25 year guarantee for additional peace of mind for our clients. We are sometimes called to a fibreglass roof repair and we find that the majority of issues are caused by mistakes made by inexperienced people or unqualified contractors.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of a GRP fibreglass roof is that it is very easy to repair and the repairs are very effective and permanent.

1-Fibreglass Roof crack repaired and re-top coated (1)


A crack has appeared in my fibreglass roof

If we are called to repair a fibreglass roof it is commonly when a crack has appeared in the topcoat, the laminate underneath, or both. It’s a relatively simple repair. We would sand back the area on and around the crack by at least 2 inches, clean the area then apply some new laminate and a topcoat to finish.

The repair will be left stronger than your existing covering. We are always happy to discuss repairs and a photograph is often all that is required for an accurate quote. Alternatively, for free advice on fibreglass roof repairs contact Phil.


My fibreglass roof doesn’t look right

Occasionally people are unhappy with the look of their fibreglass roof, either because the colour is outdated or perhaps the topcoat is uneven or discoloured due to an inexperienced contractor installing the roof. Either way, Proplas can often rectify a problem by applying a new topcoat to an existing fibreglass roof.

Sanding is required to remove dirt and imperfections and to create a smooth surface that the topcoat will bond to.  The new topcoat can be matched to the original colour or a completely new colour can be made. Again, anti-slip grit can be added at this stage if desired.

If you have any other questions about fibreglass roofing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Phil for a friendly chat.