Fibreglass roofing is hard wearing, waterproof, and resilient – it won’t deteriorate in the sun or corrode under heavy rain – making it perfect for garage roofs.

We can repair, replace, or build garage roofs for both attached and detached garages. Regardless of the size, you will not have any joins or seams on your fibreglass roof, so there are no weak points for water to get in through.

Fibreglass is completely cold applied and doesn’t require burners or torches – once the final layer (topcoat) has been added, it will harden very quickly  depending on the ambient temperature and the percentage addition of the catalyst, giving you an instantly waterproof roof. Unusual garages or roofs are easy to cater to, since fibreglass is extremely flexible and simple to install so roof lights or roofs with solar panels/turbines don’t present a problem.

Proplas offers a 25 year transferable guarantee on every roof we install – our fibreglass roofs outlast felt by years and look fantastic with no maintenance. The material we use to cover your garage roof has been used for boat building and swimming pools for decades, so you know you will have a safe, dry garage for years to come.

No-Maintenance Roofing

Traditional felt, lead, and bitumen roofs require ongoing maintenance – most asphalt roofing systems start to leak in around 10-15 years, and they’ll need repairs to remove bubbles and re-join seams well before then.

A well-installed fibreglass roof doesn’t require maintenance at all – it will look fantastic throughout its lifetime. Repairs are only needed if it has been installed wrongly, or if physical damage has occured, repairing a fibreglass roof is very simple and straight forward and any repairs will make the roof watertight once again.

The longevity of fibreglass roofs means that you can save money in the long run. Get in touch for a personalised quote.

If you would like to replace your garage roof with a new, low-maintenance option, give us a call.