GRP roofing is a favourite for domestic customers thanks to the versatility, ease of installation, and low maintenance requirements. Glassfibre can be used for any flat roof, whether you’d like to replace an existing felt or rubber roof or build from scratch on a new extension or balcony.

House Extension Roofing

GRP is a perfect material for house extensions – the material is versatile and can easily be installed around features such as domes and skylights that are often found on house extension roofs. Once installed, a GRP roof will last for at least 25 years – every single one of our roofs comes with a guarantee on both the material and the installation so you know you will not need to change or repair your roof for at least two decades.

Garage Roofing

Garages are often associated with damp and leaks, but your garage can be dry, comfortable, and maintenance-free with a quality GRP roof. With no seals or joins, there are no faults on the roof for water to come in for plants to grow in. Your new glassfibre roof can be installed quickly and easily – once it cures, there are no more repairs or maintenance to be done on the roof.

Roof Repairs & Replacement

The only time you will need to repair a glassfibre roof is if it was poorly installed – we have over 30 years’ experience with GRP roof installation, so our roofs will last. Unfortunately not all companies have the same level of experience and dedication, and some GRP roofs require repairs due to bubbles or faults in the material. We can easily repair your existing GRP roof or replace the roof entirely (regardless of the material).

If you would like to find out more about installing a GRP roof at your home, just get in touch. We can offer friendly advice and a no-obligation quote so you can make an informed choice.