1-IMG_20160423_105154 [8434]We are commonly called to replace an old felt roof with fibreglass (also know as GRP or glass reinforced plastic).

Felt is an economical covering for flat roofs but it does have a shorter life span than most other flat roofing products, including fibreglass. Clients who are concerned with the longevity of the roof often decide to replace the felt with fibreglass as it has so many benefits over felt including; it’s strength and durability, no seams to allow water to penetrate, resistance to moss or algae growth and a much, much longer life span.



AFTER: W1-DSC_1230hilst felt is a very cheap solution, fibreglass will last for such a long time that it is much more cost effective over time.  As well as being incredibly durable and waterproof, another reason that fibreglass is more expensive is because it requires a skilled professional to install it correctly. Proplas has over 30 years experience using fibreglass and installing fibreglass roofs, to give you peace of mind that the job will be done well. Please take time to read some of our most recent testimonials.




When replacing my old felt roof, will you remove my old roof completely or simply build a new roof over the top?

When someone calls us about a leaking or failed felt roof, we will assess each job individually to advise of the best solution. If both options are suitable, we will quote for both.


 Option 1: full felt roof strip off

Sometimes, a full roof strip off is required where we remove all the existing felt and boards, exposing the beams below.  We then screw down brand new OSB3 boards before fibreglassing.

When there are roof lights and other complicated features involved, a complete roof strip off is commonly the solution, though please speak to us for advice on the best solution for your individual roof.

A benefit of a full strip off is that it’s an opportunity to add extra insulation to the roof cavity, should the client require.



Option 2: re-board over existing felt roof

On other occasions such as a simple, plain roof, we might suggest the cheaper option of leaving the current felt roof intact and constructing a timber framework over the existing roof. We would then re-board over the frame and fibreglass as usual.

The benefits of this option are that there is less time and disruption, less cost to the client and less waste to dispose of.

Phil at Proplas is happy to offer you free advice on the best solution for your individual roof.