Searching for the Best Fibreglass Roofing Company?

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As with any type of roofing, you only want to choose the best company for a fibreglass installation.

Most issues with fibreglass roofing are caused by inexperienced or unqualified contractors, of which there are many in the UK. If installed correctly a GRP roof should last a lifetime without any problems. In the unlikelihood of it needing repairs, these can also be done extremely quickly.

The experts at ProPlas FibreGlass Roofing have over 30 years of experience in the fibre glass roofing industry and are considered one of the best in the UK.

Our team are truly passionate about this material and install it on all types of buildings, from garages to extensions, domestic and commercial properties.

Considered one of the best fibreglass roofing companies, our experts can uncover any faults with your roof or install a new roof altogether. We can inspect roofing for any cracks in the topcoat or the laminate underneath (or both), with inspections guaranteed to be completely thorough.

Alternatively you might be unhappy with the appearance of your roof, either because the colour has faded or the topcoat is uneven.

In such cases thorough preparation takes place first to ensure full bond between the old and new material , after which we will add a new layer of fibreglass and topcoat. Our team can also add hard wearing  anti-slip grit if required.

Find out why we’re one of the best fibreglass companies in the UK.

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