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There are two main areas of consideration when choosing who to appoint to undertake the waterproofing of your flat roof:

  1. The experience (not qualification) of the person or people conducting the work on the actual day of installation.
  2. The quality of the materials being used.

Certificates of competence that may be presented to you are no indication of experience, and this is far more valuable. Anybody that is willing to pay the various material manufacturing/distribution companies for their “training” courses will be accepted onto the course and given a few hours tuition which will be woefully inadequate. It is therefore imperative that you take some time to establish the experience of the actual person or people that will be conducting the work on your roof on the day of installation.

If the people have a background in fibreglass laminating and production of fibreglass parts, chances are they will have a good understanding of the materials being used on your roof. The reason I always attach a link to my sculpture work website www.philmooneysculptor.com, is so that prospective customers can see the kind of work I am able to produce with fibreglass and therefore have confidence and trust in me to give them the highest possible quality fibreglass roof.

The quality of your roof is also dependant on the quality of the materials used. It is never truer that you will get what you pay for in the fibreglass roofing industry. High quality materials such as we use at Proplas fibreglass roofing ltd, are far more expensive than some of the rubbish that can be bought, and will have a direct effect on the longevity of your roof. My particular preference is for Scott Baders Crystic roof premier material. The company has a long established history for manufacturing very high quality materials. Others are available, and I am quite happy to consider using other manufacturers materials subject to verification of the quality.

So don’t be caught out on such an important aspect of your property, it is worth the time and effort to verify people and manufacturers credentials prior to appointing them. You can rest assured that we at Proplas Fibreglass Roofing Ltd with over 30 years experience will deliver the best quality fibreglass roof that will keep you safe and watertight for decades to come.

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