Flat roof – repair or replace?

July 9, 2015 9:41 am Published by

Is it possible to repair an old, damaged flat roof? The answer to this is yes but it requires an expert opinion and good technical knowledge. At Proplas, we will always give you sound advice and a realistic price for all options available. Often, a roof can be given a new lease of life by fixing cracks and/ or resurfacing, giving you many, many more years of waterproofing. If the roof has gone beyond repair, we will let you know. It is often possible to re-board over the entire existing roof and fibreglass over this, creating a new roof. This is usually more ecomonical than stripping off the old roof first. Of course, we are happy to remove the old roof and completely replace it, if you so wish. For free, personal advice on all the options for your roof, give Phil a call on 07930 548 737.

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