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The roof of a building is probably the most important aspect, if this goes wrong, the rest of the property can be ruined due to water ingress, so doesn’t it make sense to take steps from the beginning to ensure you are going to get the job done correctly? Fibreglass roofing is in my opinion and experience the best waterproof covering you can use to ensure the watertight integrity of your flat roof…as long as it is done by an experienced installer using high quality materials. Due to my extensive experience within the GRP industry, well over 30 years, I am able to offer a consultancy service from beginning to end, to give you the best possible chance of having a GRP roof installed to the correct specification.

Despite all the information and videos available via the internet, fibreglass roofing is a specialist application and should only be undertaken by experienced installers; ask yourself if you would have confidence in a plasterer to do a good job on your living room if they’d been on a one or two day training course. Whether you are an architect,builder or private householder thinking about installing a new GRP roof, I offer a range of consultancy services starting from writing a specification for you and or your installer to follow, through to on site inspections either before, during or after installation, and of course, full installation by ourselves here at Proplas Fibreglass Roofing Ltd, with high quality materials installed by our highly experienced people. I also produce sculpture work using fibreglass if you have any doubt as to my experience and abilities with the material! Whatever your requirements, I am happy to discuss your needs to give you the best chance of ensuring your new fibreglass roof is done correctly. Give me, Phil, a call for a chat to see how I can help. 07930548737 .

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