Fibreglass roofing consultancy and training

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Fibreglass Roofing Consultancy.

Phil Mooney, the owner of Proplas, also works as a fibreglass flat roofing consultant to large firms, architects, builders, project managers and contractors. Phil can advise on all aspects of the repair or replacement of existing flat roofs. He also advises on the technical requirements, preparation, design and solutions for new-build projects and extensions.

With 30 years experience in the industry, Phil is an expert on all things fibreglass.  His company, Proplas, has specialised solely in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or fibreglass roofing, since 1985. At Proplas, we don’t use any other flat roofing material because we believe that GRP is the most effective and durable flat roofing solution on the market today.

Fibreglass does require a professional with specialist knowledge and experience to install, therefore, Phil acts as a consultant to architects and builders who are planning a flat roof to be completed in fibreglass. At Proplas, we can explain the benefits of GRP and the necessary technical requirements to fit one.

Fibreglass Roofing Training.

Phil offers a training service to individuals or to building firms who wish to train their staff in the installation of fibreglass flat roofing.   Many people watch a You Tube video, think it looks easy and give fibreglassing a go, only to find that they have run into technical difficulties or have made mistakes which are difficult or impossible to recover once the fibreglass is hardened. We are sometimes called to fix a fibreglass roof which is mottled, has holes, dips, irregularities, pooling water or is sticky because of an incompetent or amateur installer. Once a roof has been poorly installed, it can sometimes be fixed but often requires a whole new roof to be constructed over the old one, making the project very expensive! Our advice to people who have never installed a fibreglass roof but wish to do so, is to get proper training from an experienced professional.

Phil does the training on site and will oversee the project with you or your builders.  For more information on our training service please contact Phil 07930 548 737

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