Fibreglass roof in Elstree / Borehamwood.

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Just before Easter we replaced an old felt roof for a customer in Elstree, just outside of London.  March is traditionally rainy but the weather was good,  so we were able to go ahead quickly. Here is the client’s positive testimonial.

“Thoroughly professional and highly recommended – thanks Phil Mooney. I was slightly skeptical at the speed in which Phil committed to start the job after our initial conversation and site visit. Not only did Phil arrive on time, he put in a full days work without the usual hundreds of cups of tea some contractors expect. Roof was fibreglass and water tight within the day and finished on a bank holiday without a quibble. Extremely happy with the result.” (Nick)

We are often called to replace felt roofs as they do have a limited life span and customers want a more permanent solution. At Proplas, we guarantee our GRP fibreglass roofs for 25 years but we know that they will outlast that by many years. The guarantee is also transferable to the new owner of the property, should you move house.

We have included a photograph of the felt roof before we started work so that you can see the difference. The felt had gathered moss and had started to break down, allowing water to seep in and the client was also concerned about water which was pooling on the roof in heavy rain conditions.

To resolve the pooling issue, we installed firring strips to raise the boards slightly higher at one end (the edge nearest in the photo). The incline is undetectable but this and the new fibreglass roof now provide a smooth seamless surface for water to run off  to the gutter (not in view). This will ensure that there will be no pooling in future.

As well,  the fibreglass will not break down after repeated weathering like the felt had (see below) and will remain looking bright and new for many, many years.  Little maintenance is required, perhaps a brush with soapy water if any leaf debris builds up over time would revive the look of the roof if necessary.

For advice about replacing your existing felt roof with fibreglass (GRP), please give Phil a call on 07930 548 737


Original old felt roof



New fibreglass roof replaced by Proplas



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