Fibreglass Roof Balcony/Terrace in Cambridge

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We recently completed work on a flat roof replacement in Cambridge. The customer told us that they chose Proplas because of our professionalism, expertise, and the fact that we can respond quickly to their needs.

Replacing a Felt Roof with GRP

The old felt roof was coming to the end of its life – it was showing signs of wear and tear, and only half of it was being used as a terrace. It hadn’t developed a leak yet but it’s likely it would if left in the same state for much longer.

flat roof replacement cambridge

Before we replaced the old felt roof

As part of the replacement, we stripped the old wooden decking and prepared the surface. We fastened 18mm OSB3 boards to the roof and added pre-formed fibreglass edge trims. All of the corners and joints on the roof were reinforced with fibreglass mat and woven fibreglass tape to make sure that the roof didn’t move and remained watertight, before a 600gsm chopped strand mat was laminated onto the surface. Finally, we added a very high quality topcoat with a layer of grit  to add a non-slip texture to the roof and ensure that people could walk on it even in the rain.

cambridge flat roof replacement

During the flat roof replacement

The entire replacement only took 2 days – as always, we disposed of the waste materials in a skip and left the site clean and tidy.

The customer now has a high quality fibreglass roof with a 25 year guarantee, although we’re confident that it will last considerably longer. The new roof has a single, continuous finish rather than numerous joins and seams that deteriorate over time letting water in.

We’re delighted to have yet another happy customer, and look forward to coming back to the area soon for another installation.

GRP flat roof replacement

The finished result

If you would like to replace your old felt roof with a new GRP alternative, please get in touch for a no-obligation quote.




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