Would you like a 25-year guarantee on a new fibreglass roof?

Specialising in fibreglass roofing installations, ProPlas FibreGlass Roofing can offer exactly that, along with many other benefits when you choose our roofing services. This includes leaving the site clean and tidy after work has been completed.

We’ve been specialising in fibreglass roofing installations since 1985 and have over 30 years of experience.

Fibreglass is the ideal solution for a flat roof since it’s both cost-effective and long-lasting, outlasting many other materials by three times. It is highly resistant to even the worst weather conditions, from torrential rain to extreme heat, and is so waterproof that it’s regularly used for boating and marine-based applications.

This type of roofing is also extremely easy to repair if anything goes wrong (which it’s extremely unlikely to do, given it’s so reliable). Our team regularly carry out quick and efficient repairs on this type of roofing.

Furthermore, GRP roofing is extremely cost effective when you consider the very long lifespan of the material, especially when you bear in mind we only use the best quality materials. The cost of installing a high quality GRP roof is dependent on many factors. I am always happy to discuss your needs and advise on the best way forward to ensure you will end up with the very best and long lasting fibreglass roof

We are always willing to discuss the benefits of choosing this type of roofing for your property.

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