With the latest deluge of rain, we’ve been reminded of the importance of a water-tight roof.

In terms of being impervious to water, fibreglass is hard to beat; this material is 100% watertight and has been used in yacht manufacture for decades. It’s also famous for being extremely low-maintenance, so if you use it for roofing you’re unlikely to need any repairs.

However, if you are suffering from a leak you’ll find it’s extremely easy to fix and takes less time in comparison to other types of roofs. A GRP roof can often last for over 60 years without needing any repairs whatsoever.

Do you need a company to carry out fibreglass roofing inspection?

ProPlas FibreGlass Roofing are experts when it comes to the installation, maintenance and repairs of fibreglass roofing. We find that most problems with fibreglass roofing can be attributed to inexperienced installers or contractors, and the use of poor quality materials,rather than the material itself.

Permanent and highly effective repairs.

Whether you’re worried about a crack or your roof simply doesn’t look right, ProPlas offer quick and affordable repairs. We will make sure that the repair is stronger than your existing covering.

If you need a fibreglass roofing inspection, simply contact Phil today.

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