Summer is Perfect for Fibreglass Roofing Installations

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Longevity and a watertight finish are two of the biggest benefits of GRP roofing. This material remains extremely popular for extensions and conservatories, being flexible, affordable and extremely durable.

With a life expectancy of over 30 years, GRP roofing is one of the longest lasting types of roof and the material is famous for being waterproof; so much so, that it’s frequently used for yacht hull production. Once cured, it will have a waterproof barrier like no other.

Fibreglass roofing is so strong is can be walked upon and, unlike other types of installation, it can be any colour.

Fibreglass coverings can also be installed extremely quickly, and repairs are equally speedy.

With the UK currently experiencing a heatwave, what better time to have a new roof installed?

Summer is the best time to have a fibreglass roof installation carried out, especially at the moment, when the weather is highly favourable.

For a prompt, professional and personal service, look towards ProPlas for fibreglass roofing installations of the highest standards. Boasting many testimonials from happy customers, ProPlas pride ourselves on our customer service along with skilled workmanship.

Our team promise to leave your site clean and tidy afterwards leaving no trace we were ever there- other than your beautiful new roof!

We even provide a 25-year transferable guarantee, so why not get in touch today?

07930 548 737.

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