Replacement of an old felt roof in North London

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Here are photos of our latest project, the replacement of a leaking felt roof in Elstree, North London. Photo 1: As you can see from the first photo (below, left) water was pooling on the old felt roof and the water was seeping under the seams and around the roof lights. Photo 2: We stripped off the old roof surface completely exposing the insulation and retaining the existing roof lights. Photo 3: The client required a new layer of insulation which we provided. The new roof will be very slightly higher at the edge nearest the wall and we do this using special furring strips under the boards. This means that water will run off to the gutter rather than pooling on the roof, as before. Photo 4: We then installed brand new OSB3 boards over the top of the insulation as it makes the perfect smooth base for GRP fibreglass to bond to. Photo 5: Using our recommended product, Scott Bader Crystic Premium roofing system (which comes with a 25 year guarantee), we fibreglassed the whole area to provide a strong, waterproof layer, and finally top-coated the roof in grey. Photo 6: As you will agree, the finished roof looks great as well as being incredibly strong and watertight. The client now has peace of mind for many, many years to come.

Here are photos capturing the six stages we went through to replace the old felt roof with a new fibreglass roof.

1-IMAG1040 1-IMAG1044 1-IMAG1050 1-IMAG1053 1-IMAG1061 1-IMAG1069

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