Quality of fibreglass roofing

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There is a wide variety of differing quality of materials on the market that can be used for fibreglass roofing. Therefore I believe it is safe to assume that if you have been quoted a cheap price, cheap materials will be used. Quality also applies to the people you appoint to undertake the work so it is well worth you spending a little time to check the credentials and experience of the people you are entrusting your roof to. It is likely to save you a great deal of money in the future. At Proplas we recommend the Scott Bader Crystic Premier roof system which is very high quality and we also use other fibreglass products should the client have a lower budget. Either way, we guarantee our roofs for 25 years and with GRP fibreglass, installed by trained professionals such as us at Proplas, you can be sure of an incredibly long lasting flat roof solution with little, if any, maintenance. I am always happy to help and advise, so please feel free to get in touch. Phil 07930 548 737

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