Proplas commissioned by the Environment Agency for bespoke roof

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Proplas was recently commissioned by the Environment Agency to produce a bespoke roof for an outbuilding in Norfolk. They wanted a long term solution to continually failing felt roofs and selected Proplas due to our expertise and high standards in fibreglass roofing.  Due to the size of the roof, 1.2 x 2.5m, we were able to make the roof offsite and transport it to the location to be fitted by the Environment Agency builders.  The felt was regularly failing, in part, due to youths climbing on it.  Whilst the Agency wishes to discourage climbing, Proplas has added a non slip grit to the final topcoat in order to prevent slipping and accidents, should someone choose to stand on it in future. You can see the grit section clearly in the photos.

Fibreglass is extremely strong and durable and resistant to any damage so it will be a much better solution for this type of outbuilding in the long run.  Similar to a boat hull, the fibreglass on a flat roof is a smooth seamless area, impermeable to water.  It is also a very flexible option as it can be moulded to any shape and around corners and features such as roof lights and vents. As well, fibreglass can be any colour, though many people stick to traditional grey for roofs. This means it is much more suited to bespoke roof projects than felt, rubber or other flat roof membranes on the market.

Over the years Proplas has produced all sort of bespoke roofs for clients as well as other bespoke fibreglass projects such as ponds and pools, van linings, manufacturing parts, sculptures, retail fit-outs and green roofs. We are really the goto experts in anything fibreglass and relish the opportunity to bring your individual project to life. Give us a call on 07930548737 to see how we can be of help.

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