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At Proplas, we have extensive experience of fibreglass roofing in London. The City can provide challenges such as parking, congestion and working in small spaces. With 30 years industry experience, we have encountered and overcome a myriad of unique situations working in both Central London and the outer suburbs. One of the main benefits of fibreglass roofing is it’s longevity and endurance. In the City, you want security that once the job is done you will have little or no maintenance. Fibreglass is virtually maintenance free as water, moss and grime won’t penetrate. At Proplas we offer a 25 year transferable guarantee on all our work. As space is at a premium in London, another benefit of fibreglass is that it is strong enough to be walked upon, making it the perfect solution for roof terraces and the new trend for green roofs (planting on the roof). Grit can be added to make a non-slip surface or alternatively wooden decking can be built over it.  As fibreglass can be molded and coloured, another benefit for jobs in London is that it fits well with both older style buildings (e.g. it can be made to be “lead-like”) and is just as aesthetically pleasing with modern buildings. For a FREE quote and to discuss the many benefits of fibreglass as a flat roof solution, give Phil and ring on 07930 548 737.

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