Fibreglass provides everything you need for long-lasting and weatherproof roofing which lasts the test of time. It is perfect if you have a roof which has a walkway or foot traffic. Fibreglass roofing is also ideal for places that have a lot of rain because it’s incredibly waterproof.

How is fibreglass roofing applied?

The layers are applied as follows to make this kind of roofing, starting with quality 18mm OSB3 board,preferably tongue and groove. All pre-formed fibreglass edge trims are attached, then any fibreglass bandaging is done on joints / corners etc, wherever is required. Then the entire surface is laminated with the fibreglass mat and high quality resin for a long life and guarantee, at Proplas we only use heavy weight fibreglass mat and very high quality resin. After this a pigmented BBA approved, fire retardent topcoat is applied to the laminate, which provides a UV stable thixotropic pigmented primary waterproof layer. Again only very high quality material is used.

Easy to install and quick to repair, fibreglass roofing (otherwise known as GRP) can last for decades with very little maintenance. In fact, we have so much faith in this material at ProPlas that we give customers a 25-year guarantee.

If you’re looking for the best fibreglass roofing company, you’ll find ProPlas have over 30 years of experience in this industry. We not only install fibre glass roofing but can make quick and high-quality repairs.

Customers love our prompt, professional and personable service.

ProPlas is a Scott Bader Crystic Premier roof approved installer and have many testimonials from highly satisfied customers.

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